Keeping Student Athletes in the Game: Leading NIL Compliance & Protection Software Company, Athliance Launches 2 Game Changing Products

ORLANDO, Fla .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – With spring sports coming to a close over the next several months, it will mark the end of the first school year in the Name, Image, Likeness era of college athletics. Athliance, a leader in Sports Management and NCAA Software, has been closely monitoring the NIL space and regularly meeting with hundreds of administrators and compliance officers over the first 3 semesters. Athliance is proud to announce two new product offerings as a direct result of working with those in the space- NIL Protect and NIL Protect Pro.

NIL Protect is Athliance’s free and simple solution for schools. Through an open API integration, third-party NIL marketplaces and school collectives create automatic disclosures that are sent directly to university compliance departments. No action is required on the school’s part, disclosures are automatically sent to compliance departments. NIL Protect Pro is the premium version of NIL Protect, which offers a number of enhanced features and benefits to school athletic departments.

“With collectives becoming big players in the NIL space, there is a need to disclose and track opportunities automatically. NIL Protect gives collectives and marketplaces the opportunity to integrate and disclose deals without any worry, which maintains compliance and protects student-athletes. This also makes sure all deals are disclosed without creating extra work or an extra step for the student-athlete, ”says Peter Schoenthal, attorney & CEO of Athliance. “Collectives can be an amazing opportunity generator for student-athletes, when done correctly. The key to collectives and their longevity is making sure all the deals are compliant. When that happens, student-athletes, universities, and collectives all win. ”

NIL Protect Pro is a proprietary NIL compliance and education platform (SaaS) that:

  • Empowers schools’ compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new age of college athletics.

  • Allows universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every opportunity presented to student-athletes.

  • Provides robust education resources & guidance to mitigate NIL risk and protect scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances.

  • As a SaaS platform, streamlines NIL audits, generates quick reports, facilitates automated communications, and expedites disclosure from any device.

  • Delivers real-time reporting, valuable data, and insights for marketing and recruiting purposes.

NIL Protect Pro also takes education a step further by incorporating hours of real-life and entrepreneurial education to help student-athletes succeed not only while they are in school, but long after graduation.

When student-athletes leave college, they have unique skill sets including work ethic, time management, working well with others, and the ability to overcome adversity. However, work experience seems to be the element that these student-athletes are always missing. NIL gives student-athletes the opportunity to develop that experience as they build their own business. With over 70 videos and hours of content, Athliance teaches athletes how to negotiate contracts, form LLC’s, understand taxes, and build their own brand all at a young age, while also helping them become more marketable as they leave college and position themselves for success? .

NIL Protect Pro is currently available, and more information on the Athliance portfolio is available here.

About Athliance

Athliance’s proprietary NIL education and opportunity management software empowers compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new world of college athletics. Their tools and resources allow universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish. Their solution mitigates NIL risks and protects scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances. Furthermore, their real-time reporting provides valuable data and insights for marketing and recruiting purposes.

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