JIH Initiative to connect Muslims with education and employment

Jangaon: The Jamate Islami Hind (JIH), Jangaon plans to set up an Islamic information center (IIC) with the help of Warangal intellectuals and NRIs at Urdu Bhavan, Muslim minority Colony, Jangaon as informed by JIH Jangaon In-charge Khalid Saeed after a meeting held in Urdu Bhavan on Saturday.

Urdu Bhavan was established in Jangain as a result of an initiative by Adv. Mohammad Jamal Sharif. Muslim minority Colony in Jangaon is mostly inhabited by backward and illiterate Muslim families.

Khalid Saeed said that the IIC shall have a school to provide both Islamic and Modern Education. The drop out students shall be admitted to the school. There will be a separate section for adult learning. A library shall also be established.

The IIC shall also provide training to ladies for tailoring and other home crafts to make the community self-reliant. The IIC shall also conduct a Free Health camp every month.

Adv. Mohammad Jamal Sharif said that there was a long standing demand for a socio economic initiative like IIC in Muslim Minority Colony. The IIC will be an ideal social economic platform to connect the youth with education and employment.

The prominent intellectuals and NRIs from Warrangal who attended the meeting were Zainul Abedin Mohammad Akil, Muniruddin, Mohammed Ajaz, Ahmed Mohiuddin, Abid Faisal, Imaduddin, Mohammed Ashraf, Basheer, Mohammed Aslam, Dr Rahim Ramsh, Sameer, Sahil, Khwaja and inhabitants of Muslim minority Colony.


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