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For Fil-Am NBA player Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets, his Filipina mom was a cornerstone of his journey in the big league.

On Thursday, Green said in a press conference that his mom, Bree Purganan, was his biggest motivation for doing his best.

Apparently, his work ethic and mindset was also from his mom.

“I got my work ethic from her, my mindset from her,” Green said in a one-on-one interview with Chino Trinidad aired on 24 Oras Weekend on Saturday.

“Since a young age, I felt like winning was everything,” he added.

With his mom being his greatest motivation, Green is proving his worth as well in the NBA with the Rockets.

Green admitted that in his rookie season, negative comments and bashing sometimes got into his head.

“I think I had moments where it got to me a little bit, I really tried not to pay attention to that,” he said. “I really don’t let it affect me because they’re not in my shoes and they haven’t done what I’ve done and they’ve not been through what I’ve been through.”

Despite these, Green already knows what lessons he will take in his next playing year.

“The most important thing I learned [is] just to believe in myself and trust my work, not worry about what people [are] saying, what people [are] thinking of you. I mean, I worked so hard to get to this point.”

Green visited the country recently as part of the JG4 Manila Tour hosted by adidas Philippines.

—Justin Kenneth Carandang/JMB, GMA News


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