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Intellectual property (IP) underpins our economy

The IP system drives innovation and investment which, as set out in the government’s Innovation Strategy, is vital to tackling the world’s biggest challenges. We must support those who research, create, collaborate and invent, strengthening the UK’s position as a global science superpower and an innovation nation. We want the UK to be the best place in the world for inventors, creators and innovators to build on their ideas and find success; the IP system is fundamental in achieving these ambitions.

Our role is making life better through IP

Our vision

Our vision is to be the best at what we do because IP matters.

IP touches everything that makes life more enjoyable, easier, safer and prosperous.

Our work gives researchers, inventors, creators, businesses and organizations the confidence to invest their time, energy and money in doing something new.

This confidence is essential as we aim to build back better. It incentivises innovation which drives economic growth and improvements in society.

We play a fundamental role in ensuring the UK becomes the most innovative and creative country in the world. In doing this we will:

Our vision - images of people, lightbulbs and rockets

Excellent IP services


We will be completely customer-focused in delivering services that are easy to use, operate to class leading standards and change to meet future needs. We will provide creators and innovators with the tools that allow them to use IP to its full potential and inspire further innovation and creativity.

By 2026 customers will have:

  • fast, reliable, flexible, high-quality services which will give a seamless experience across different IP rights

  • improved timeframes for getting IP rights, reflecting society’s and their needs

  • easy access for everyone to protect IP through our tribunals and mediation services

  • easy access to IP data, unleashing its potential and making it simpler for our customers and the public to use it, inspiring new innovations and increased understanding of the value IP brings

  • easy access to IP guidance and information to make informed decisions about protecting IP

  • business support services that provide IP advice and support at the right point in their innovation journey both domestically and internationally

Fundamental role and the services we offer - Deliver excellent IP services, Create a world leading IP environment, Make the IPO brilliant place to work

World leading IP environment

Excellent IP Services - images or a clock, rockets and lightbulbs


We will ensure that the IP system supports and inspires innovators and creators so they, and society, get the most out of their ideas both in the UK and Internationally. We will develop the IP system so that the law, policies, information and enforcement framework enables them to access, use and protect their IP effectively.

By 2026 we will:

  • adapt the IP system to keep pace with change both domestically and internationally. This will include technological changes trade deals, the global IP system and ensuring incentives to innovate are maximized

  • clearly articulate the value IP plays in society: inspiring inventors and creators and incentivising innovation, building respect and knowledge of IP with wider society, especially around the big issues of the sharing and infringement of IP rights, and the role it plays in meeting global challenges

  • ensure IP is treated as an asset. IP‘s real impact lies in how it is used. It is only when recognized and treated as an asset that the value of IP can truly be unlocked for societal and economic benefit

  • make it easier to protect and enforce IP for all players, leveling the playing field

  • support the UK drive towards net zero

World leading IP environment - image contains a rocket and a globe

Brilliant place to work


We will create an environment where people can do their best work. We do our best when we feel valued; are clear on what is expected of us; have the skills, resources and capability to deliver, and the confidence to be ourselves and do what is right for our customers, stakeholders and each other. We operate as’ One IPO‘and our culture is inclusive, one where everyone feels supported, included and valued in all they do. Where our values ​​guide our outcomes and our principles allow us to interact with each other in the best way.

By 2026 we will:

  • be high performing, continuously improving everything we do to meet future needs. We will have changed to be more flexible and resilient and able to adapt quickly to emerging priorities; our people have the skills, capabilities, and mindset they need for current and future roles

  • be an organization that develops, retains and attracts talented and engaged people who share our values ​​and ambition; supporting them to thrive and proud to be part of IPO

  • inclusive, ensuring we both reflect the society we serve and, operate in a way that is fair to all

  • have the facilities, technology, culture and ways of working so we can be successful working at our sites, virtually or in a hybrid manner

  • have delivered environmental improvements and have a clear strategy with an ambitious and realistic pathway to becoming a net zero organization

Brilliant place to work - images of people, lightbulbs, wifi signal symbol and calculator

1. Our values

  • delivering for customers

  • innovating for success

  • valuing our people

2. The principles are:

  • respectful

  • accountable

  • confidant

  • reasonable

  • pragmatic

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