I’m a hair expert, you’ve been washing your hair all wrong & it all starts BEFORE you get in the shower

A HAIR expert has shared how she’s transformed her locks to look and feel healthier by changing how she washes them – and it all starts BEFORE you step into the shower.

Shauna Theresa said many people are adopting the wrong technique when it comes to shampooing, as she revealed the right way in a post called “Wash your hair like a pro.”


There are several steps to remember when washing your hairCredit: Getty

Shauna, who is on TikTok under the name @shaunatheresa1, told her followers: “I used to Wash my hair all wrong.

“I’m going to share with you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned on my two-year healthy hair care journey that might help you too.”

Shauna then went on to say that it’s important to start the first part before you’ve even started running any water.

She explained: “The first tip is before you even get in the shower, brush out your hair.

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“Brush through any of the tangles so that your product can just work through your hair much easier.

“Your hair is much more fragile when it’s wet so brush it while it’s dry so you prevent any breakage or damage.

The hair pro then said that water temperature also plays a big factor in how you should be washing your hair.

Shauna continued: “The next tip is to use lukewarm water, nothing too hot as you don’t want to overdry the scalp or the hair.”

The social media user then said that tip three has been particularly invaluable.

She added: “The next tip is a big one and one that I never did – you’re going to want to wash, rinse and repeat.

“I never used to double wash but it makes such a difference.”

Shauna went on to say that while the first Wash removes “oil, product build-up, pollutants, and anything else that’s on your scalp,” the second Wash is the one that actually treats your hair.

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Shaun then said that you only need a coin size of shampoo, before getting ready to apply it.

She continued: “Rub, rub, rub until your hands turn white and then make sure you evenly dispense all of the shampoo over all of the scalp before you start rubbing.

“And when you rub, only fingertips not fingernails – you don’t want to scratch the scalp.

“Lather, rinse and repeat the whole process a second time.

“The first wash, you’re not going to get a ton of lather, that’s because it’s breaking through the oils and but the second wash, you should.”

The hair pro said her hair has never been healthier


The hair pro said her hair has never been healthierCredit: TikTok/@shaunatheresa1

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