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ICYMI: City to hire crossing guard for newly named school

Crossing guard will be posted near Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School; ‘The safety of the students is imperative to all of us’

City Hall is looking to hire a new crossing guard to deal with the elevated foot traffic around Monsignor Clancy Elementary School come September.

As ThoroldToday reported, St. Charles Elementary is amalgamating with Monsignor Clancy, to form the newly named Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School on the current site of Monsignor Clancy.

Because of the extra influx of children in the area, councilor Carmen DeRose asked that the city hire or relocate a crossing guard.

“The biggest concern is the traffic volume when Brock is in session,” Councilor DeRose told fellow councilors during Tuesday’s city council meeting. “It’s a time-sensitive thing. The safety of the students is imperative to all of us. It could be someone moved from another location.”

But the city’s Chief Building and By-Law Official Jason Simpson said that this was not an option.

“Typically when you want to relocate crossing guards there’s a warrant study that would be done,” he said. “It would involve traffic studies to warrant the need for the crossing guard. I understand the desire but I believe the proper way of doing it would be to conduct a warrant study.”

Councilor Anthony Longo pointed out that the crossing guard at St. Charles School could be relocated.

“We did not intend to relocate that crossing guard,” answered Simpson. “There was belief that that crossing guard was still warranted in that location based on traffic. We do realize St. Charles is closing but there are still students who will need to cross there to get to Monsignor Clancy. “

Simpson also said the city has significant challenges finding new crossing guards.

“I’d be willing to do it for free for the first couple of weeks,” Councilor DeRose said. “Just to let you know, this is how important I think it is. I’ve been contacted by over 25 parents. It’s the biggest issue I’ve heard of lately. “

In the end, the city council unanimously voted to have the city hire a new crossing guard for the Tupper and Sullivan intersection.

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