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High School Students Create Niche Social Media Platform | Dublin News

DUBLIN – In the summer of 2020, three Tri-Valley high schoolers found a niche and filled it. Understanding the constraints of newly imposed COVID-19 mandates and the looming reality of college applications, the trio believed a social media platform that catered specifically to the needs of students would be invaluable.

That’s when Aditya Jain, then a freshman at Dougherty Valley High School (DVHS) in Dublin, approached several of his friends with his idea; and Revoteen was born.

“(Revoteen’s) main purpose is to provide these students a way to find opportunities and initiatives that really interest them and that they’re passionate about, and (then) provide an avenue to find students who are passionate about their subjects and willing to work. with them to make these organizations successful, ”said Chief Technology Officer Manav Bokinala, a senior at DVHS.

Similar to other social networking platforms, Revoteen features several feed screens, including a homepage that displays posts from other accounts a user follows, as well as an exploration page with trending posts and opportunities curated for each user.

However, what differentiates Revoteen from other social media apps is its ‘opportunities page,’ which showcases entry-level jobs for applicants. Additionally, users have the ability to post their own initiatives or organizations on Revoteen to find other students to join in their causes.

“The main focus is connecting student-run initiatives to other students who are looking to join and get involved,” said Bokinala.

Over the past two years, the initial group has grown into a nine-person corporation, and has amassed a user-base of over 5,500.

According to Bokinala, Revoteen has posted internship opportunities on the platform from companies such as Uber and PwC.

While Revoteen’s main purpose is to connect students with other student-led initiatives and internship opportunities, the app’s founders believe that this application serves a deeper purpose for many high school students – reducing stress by helping to build impressive college applications.

“All of this kind of helps to relieve that stress and give them an outlet to find opportunities,” said Revoteen Head of App Development Yash Chhatre, a senior at Dublin High School. “They can have better self-esteem and feel less stressed than they need to feel as high school students.”

Revoteen’s founders also believe that the number of users drawn to the application signifies a shift in companies’ thinking about hiring student interns at younger ages.

“They’re starting to realize that high school students are also very ambitious and very hardworking and willing to put in the work,” said Chhatre. “And very similar to college students, they’re very intelligent, and they’re able to pick things up fast. I think, in fact, the necessity for high school students is also increasing in general in terms of student employment. “

Bokinala agreed, adding that applications like Revoteen give students a platform to express their passions and find opportunities to apply themselves early on.

“This is a massive, untapped market of not just labor, but also just potential,” Bokinala said. “The fact that we’re seeing so many students come to Revoteen and use it to find opportunities tells us that this is kind of a global phenomenon.”


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