Has Anyone Seen Kate Moss’s Yellow Dress? The Supermodel Recounts Her Life In Looks – And The Ones That Got Away

Unsurprisingly, given the career she’s had, supermodel Kate Moss has some incredible designer pieces in her wardrobe. But she’s also lost one or two. The lemon-yellow vintage dress that inspired a bestselling piece from her Topshop collection? “I don’t know where that’s gone,” she reveals in her Life In Looks video. The simple white slip that was a 21st birthday present from John Galliano? “If anyone has it out there, please return it to me! It’s my favorite dress…”

Modeling a micro skirt on Vivienne Westwood’s spring/summer 1994 runway.

Pool ARNAL/GARCIA/Getty Images

Even so, Moss’ personal archive is brimming with unforgettable looks. “You’re supposed to see your knickers,” she explains of the tiny skirt she wore on Vivienne Westwood’s spring/summer 1994 runway (Miu Miu’s viral mini is modest by comparison), which hangs in her closet to this day, and prompted squeals. of shock from her daughter, Lila. The supermodel also still owns the voluminous blue Westwood coat she spent her first big pay check on – “It took up so much room in the car that I had to sit on the floor… the coat had the seat!” – as well as the Union Jack blazer she wore on John Galliano’s spring/summer 1993 runway, which she recently dug out to attend the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.


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