Half-dozen pioneering start-ups join Higgs Center of Innovation in Edinburgh to power up growth

It aims to foster Scottish technology start-ups, providing affordable and flexible access to high-specification laboratories and equipment, on-site technical expertise, and business support that would usually be out of reach for such firms, and reducing their risk, cost and time to market.

The six new companies to join the Higgs Center for Innovation include Metacarpal, BioLiberty, Danu Robotics, Gibson Robotics, OGI BIO, and Morphic Technology.

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Examples of how they are being helped by the Higgs Center include BioLiberty using onsite electronic expertise, more commonly applied to the exploration of the universe, to refine its Digital Therapy Platform. The firm has designed a robotic glove that aims to improve grip, develop natural strength, and restore independent living for those affected by hand weakness.

Separately, Morphic Technology has joined the Higgs Center as part of the ESA Business Incubation Center United Kingdom, a program managed by STFC designed to help start-ups use space and satellite technologies to develop new products and services. The start-up is developing a product that it says enables a fast and safe way to speak with other group members during outdoor activities, such as cycling and skiing, at the click of one button without having to stop to use a mobile or worry about connectivity.

STFC’s Ruairidh Henderson, business incubation manager at the Higgs Centre, said: “It’s really exciting to be welcoming these new companies [to the facility]a vibrant and growing community of pioneering, early-stage businesses.”

The Center says it gives firms affordable access to high-specification laboratories and equipment, on-site technical expertise, and business support. Picture: Jason Cowan.

Additionally, STFC’s Dr Julian Dines, head of innovation at the Higgs Centre, said: “The advanced development facilities and expertise here… will help these businesses to build on their strengths and innovate – unlocking economic opportunities that lead to growth and job creation. I look forward to supporting them in their journeys to commercial success, which in turn will benefit the wider economy and society.”

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