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EUGENE, Ore. — The impacts of inflation are being felt across the board. Rising supply prices have forced hair and nail salons to pivot in order to stay afloat.

“We’ve had to increase our prices as well as other stylists in the area, just because of products,” said Brittany Ramos, a co-owner of Urban Babes in Eugene.

Ramos said the cost of products she uses every day, like color, gloves and foil, has nearly tripled recently.

“Our foil used to be $9.99 before COVID. It’s $25.99,” Ramos said.

Those extra expenses are adding up, creating more challenges for small businesses like Urban Babes.

“I think everyone is cutting because of the expenses in, you know, the gas, and rent and mortgages, so it is hard as a luxury service to keep people coming,” Ramos said.

Nail salons are also feeling the effects of inflation. At City Nails & Spa in Eugene, Mayra Anaya, the manager, said it’s been more expensive to order supplies.

“I would say everything’s at least doubled in price,” Anaya said.

She said the business, alongside others, has had to raise its prices to keep up with the rising costs.

“We raised our price once since the Pandemic started,” Anaya said. “Everything went up at least $5.”

Both businesses are grateful for their customers in these challenging times.

“We just love our local customers, and we appreciate everyone continuing to support us over the years,” Ramos said.

“We’re just really blessed with some really great regular clients honestly, and so we’re able to get through with a lot of understanding,” Anaya said.


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