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Lee Vinsel

Universities could be beacons of hope in our troubled society, but instead they are often dens of stress, illness, and despair, according to the authors of The Innovation Delusion, Lee Vinsel (pictured here) and Andy Russell. Both argued that our culture has come to chase false values, like innovation and growth, and in the process has neglected basic goods like maintenance and care. In this talk, Lee will explore more deeply how this lens applies to higher education, where – too often – he says we have erected social structures of anxiety and distress. Lee will end by inviting the audience to imagine together how universities could be inclusively redesigned around caregiving and holistic development.

Join us in person in Unity Hall, 243.
Register in advance here and join us for lunch at 11:45 am.
Presentation and Discussion, 12: 15-1: 30pm

This presentation and discussion is made possible by PIT-Fest, 2022; WPI’s JustT Collab; and The Public Interest Technology University Network.

More about Lee Vinsel

Lee Vinsel is Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech. Lee studies human life with technology, with particular focus on the relationship among government, business, and technological change. His first book, Moving Violations: Automobiles, Experts, and Regulations in the United States, was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in July 2019. Since 2015, with his collaborator Andy Russell, Lee organized and led The Maintainers, a global interdisciplinary research network that examines maintenance, repair, and mundane work with technology. Check out The Maintainers website, with current research, community news, events, and a blog here. His work has been published in several major history journals and has appeared in or been covered by Aeon, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Guardian, Le Monde, and other popular outlets. Read Lee’s story and a bit on his intellectual journey from Habermas and Foucault to The Maintainers, here.

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