Fourth-grade student shared cannabis candies resembling Skittles

SACRAMENTO, California (KCRA) – A fourth-grade student handed out cannabis candy that resembled Skittles to other students at a school in Sacramento this week, the Twin Rivers Unified School District told KCRA 3 in a statement. Several students reportedly ate the edible candies.

The sharing of the cannabis “Zkittlez” happened Wednesday morning during first recess at Michael J. Castori Elementary School, the school principal said in a letter to families that KCRA 3 obtained.

Families of the students who ate the edibles were called. The school nurse and paramedics evaluated the students.

The school said there were no reports of any student being hospitalized, but one mother told KCRA 3 she did bring her child to the hospital.

“It’s really worrisome for me because how many other children are out there making this mistake?” said Veronica Hernandez, the mother of a student who took the edible. “For me, I know fentanyl is an epidemic right now. Our neighbor passed away from an overdose. This could have been anything and if there’s those types of drugs in the home, this child could have brought anything to school. This could have been a completely different phone call for me. ”

The school said it has spoken to the family of the student who handed out the cannabis candies and is investigating what happened.

“It is my goal to ensure that our students are safe, and we are truly sorry this incident happened,” Principal Leslie Sargent said in a letter.

Sargent said, “Action will be taken to ensure this does not happen again.”

It’s unclear how many milligrams of THC are in one Zkittlez. It’s also unclear how many students ate the edibles.

Parents were advised to call their doctors if their child experienced any worsening symptoms.

“To ensure this does not happen again, school administration at Castori Elementary is reminding students not to bring candy to school and not to share food with others,” the district said in a statement.

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