FoundriesFactory® Supports Arm’s Project Cassini for Secure Production Edge Deployments

Foundries.io delivers a consistent cloud-native software experience for developers building IoT and Edge devices

Foundries.io, the leader in cloud native development and deployment solutions for secure IoT and Edge devices, today announced it is the first Linux distribution to fully integrate and provide commercial support for Project Cassini, an open, collaborative, standards-based initiative from Arm . The FoundriesFactory Edge Platform-as-a-Service (EPaaS) will accelerate the adoption and deployment of Cassini platforms by providing safe and secure updates as the Cassini specifications expand and evolve.

Project Cassini focuses on compatibility, security and reference implementations for a cloud-native ecosystem.

FoundriesFactory Linux microPlatform delivers on each of these areas, enabling Arm® SystemReady ™ -IR and -ES certification, PSA Certified Level 1 and the Parsec security services enablement.

The result is a Project Cassini-aligned platform that is standardised and secure with application portability that will aid the proliferation of IoT and Edge devices by allowing developers to focus on their value-added applications instead of undifferentiated platform software. Several major Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) are already implementing the Project Cassini requirements using FoundriesFactory, including AAEON, ADLINK, Advantech, ASUS and Nexcom.

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“Project Cassini and FoundriesFactory enables the same kind of application portability in embedded development that mobile phone users have come to expect.” said George Gray, co-founder and CEO at Foundries.io. “This collaboration between our FoundriesFactory Edge Platform-as-a-Service and Arm really marks a major milestone in the way we build, test and deploy IoT and Edge devices, and signals to the market where embedded development is headed.”

When using a Project Cassini-aligned platform, enabled by FoundriesFactory, the developer experience will not vary from platform to platform regardless of whether the underlying hardware configurations or even the CPU system is different from one platform to another. Retargeting containerised workloads and applications becomes very straightforward.

“Developers need to build, test and deploy IoT devices more quickly and securely than ever before,” said Mohamed Awad, vice president, IoT and Embedded at Arm. “Arm’s collaboration with FoundriesFactory will push Project Cassini forward, laying the foundation for a cloud-native developer experience across a diverse and secure edge ecosystem.”

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