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Families gather for the return of high school football with less regulations

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – For the first weekend back, regulations are minimal for families wanting to see their kids play high school football.

With no regulations for fans in the stands, families are happy to be supporting their athletes.

“I miss being around people,” said Anthony Hill, who has a daughter attending Mililani High School. “All the separation, I understood it. Adhered to it. And tried to live by it. But I miss being around people.”

This season, there are no more lonely bleachers. Families are welcome without any vaccines or testing requirements.

“It was challenging for us,” said Jon White, father of a Saint Louis High School freshman football player. “Because for a while you had to drop your kid off and you want to see your kids practice you want to see your kids play.”

At Mililani’s game against Saint Louis, families said they cherish these Friday-night light moments more knowing that at one point in the pandemic, they were watching the game through chain link fences from the parking lot.

“We were standing behind the fence by the post office,” said Trenda Sylva, “We were all standing together but were not allowed inside. But you do what you got to do.”

There are still regulations for student-athletes. If they are not vaccinated they have to test. Coaches also need to be vaccinated unless they have an exemption.

But families say this year in sports looks more normal than ever.

“The kids deserve to be out here performing and have a crowd to cheer them on.”

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