Experts Say To Avoid This Styling Mistake At All Costs — It Causes Hair Loss!

Hair loss is a common beauty woe, and stemming from a variety of factors it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the root cause of your Fallout is. Genetics is one of the classic causes of hair loss, but how you’re styling your strands may also be a primary culprit for thinning so it’s worth evaluating your hair care regimen to determine if this may be blame for an increase in shedding.

We spoke with Gina RiveraCelebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites who highlighted the leading hair styling Mistakes that may weaken your Strands and expedite Fallout so you can create the best routine for your Locks that doesn’t weaken them at the root.

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Doing Chemical Treatments At Home

While there are many hair styling methods you can do at home that are generally low Stakes and easy to nail, applying chemical treatments to your Locks is not one of them and in fact, skipping the salon for this can put the health of your scalp at risk and increase your chances of experiencing hair loss. “Salon professionals go through significant training to ensure that the health of the hair and scalp is maintained when providing professional services that require chemicals,” explains Rivera. “This is not something that should be taken lightly.”

Chemical treatments can span from hair strengthening to straightening processes, but this is one thing that should be left to the professionals if you don’t want to Accidentally Burn your scalp or leave your Strands irreparably damaged. “It’s easy for a non-professional to burn the scalp, or even worse, causing permanent damage to the scalp which prevents the hair from growing at a normal rate,” notes Rivera. Even if a friend offers to do the job for you, in the long run for the health of your hair and scalp it will be worth spending the extra money to get any chemical treatments done at the salon.


In addition to this haircare mistake, Rivera also notes that using the wrong hot tool can also risk your hair’s strength, potentially leading to fallout. “Many tools on the market can easily burn and damage the hair and scalp if they are used improperly,” she warns. “I highly recommend using tools that are designed with infrared as they style the hair from the inside out, locking the moisture in rather than pulling it away from the hair like many other tools on the market.” If preserving the health of your hair is important to you, it may be worth investing in higher quality styling tools and products that will not damage the cuticle, keeping hair firmly attached to your head and looking luscious.

Taking good care of your scalp will be one of the best ways to ensure minimal hair loss across the years, and using high quality styling products to build up the barrier of your strands and prevent burning and weakening the hairs will make a world of difference in protecting your locks. If you’re already suffering from hair loss, it’s worth looking into your styling routine to pinpoint the culprit of this beauty struggle, but steering clear of at-home chemical treatments will be your best bet across the board for healthier hair.


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