Etika NFTs under fire for capitalizing on late YouTuber’s likeness

An internet group called Antila is facing severe backlash after attempting to capitalize on the likeness of the late YouTuber Etika. The internet is outraged by the new NFT project titled EtikaPunks.

Desmond “Etika” Amofah was a popular Nintendo YouTuber known for his outrageous reactions to Smash Bros. revelations and game announcements. His fans, known as the JoyCon Boys, watched Nintendo Direct alongside him in anticipation of his bursts of excitement.

However, in June 2019, the internet lost Etika by committing suicide after a long battle with mental health issues. Almost three years later, the JoyCon Boys still share their reactions and favorite moments from Etika’s career.

But the internet has, once again, found a way to cloud the legacy of a deceased creator. Similar to how Stan Lee’s life’s work was made into a “commemorative” NFT, so too was Etika made into a non-fungible token.

EtikaPunk NFT under fire

Desmond “Etika” Amofah, famous character from the YouTube community and Smash Bros.

The NFT project Ethics Punk was announced via Twitter on January 4, 2022. While the creators say the project is intended to “commemorate Etika’s life,” the vast majority of responses were negative.

Users call EtikaPunk “shameful”, “gross” and “disgusting”. Other users request that the account and its tweets be reported for using the guise of a deceased creator without the consent of the person’s family.

One of EtikaPunk’s NFTs depicts a crudely drawn Amofah in front of a bridge. Users speculate that this is intended to represent the Manhattan Bridge that Etika was believed to have jumped resulting in his death.

Another NFT describes Etika as “ape-like species” holding a banana in his hand. Many fans call these specific NFTs “racist” and “disrespectful”.

When visiting the EitkaPunks page on Rarible, the project expresses that their project is not “officially affiliated with Etika or her family”. At the time of reporting, there are no offers on any of the three NFTs currently for sale.

For an example of how to properly commemorate the life of a creator, check out this Smash Bros mod that adds Etika as a playable character.

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