Edinburg workshop aims to help parents, teachers close student learning gap

A Valley teacher’s union is asking parents to join them Saturday to help learn how to close the learning gap among students.

According to the McAllen American Federation of Teachers, parents can expect to get tips and strategies that will help their kids inside and outside of the classroom.

The McAllen AFT says oftentimes, parents aren’t sure how to help their students at home, especially if their kids are not fluent in English.

Educators say the learning loss caused by the pandemic has only made things worse, but they are hoping this workshop will give parents and school staff better direction on ways to close that gap.

“It’s a lot of work because you have a lot of gaps in the majority of students, I’m not going to say in all, but in a majority of the students that are coming in with large gaps from the previous two years that they ‘ve been on and off and in and out of Zooms, “said Sylvia Tanguma with McAllen AFT.

The workshop will be in English and Spanish. Educators will also have their own workshop to address teacher burnout and how to avoid it.

The workshop is free and backpacks, books, and lunches will be given out.

The workshop starts at 8 am at Robert Vela High School in Edinburg.

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