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Dover NH High School raising money to replace decades-old band uniforms

DOVER overDover High School Marching Band member Lucas Cabral cannot wait to get his new uniform.

“The uniforms that we have now are from 1999, and may look good on the field from far away, but from up close we are missing buttons, zippers, and there are stains all over them,” Cabral said. “Since they are old uniforms, no matter how many times they’re dry cleaned, they still smell of years past.”

Marching Band students have been performing in the same uniforms for more than two decades and that’s more than enough. The band is retiring their outdated uniforms and raising money to purchase new ones – a move that leaders in the band program say is long overdue.

It’s a costly replacement, which is why the purchase has been delayed. The Dover Parents Music Club has been setting money aside for several years. To replace 80 uniforms will cost roughly 40,000, or $ 500 per uniform.

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