Don’t drive car insurance off an affordability cliff

Thanks to a toxic combination of inflation, record-breaking gas prices, climbing interest rates, and a chronic labor shortage, the simple yet necessary task of driving from place to place is becoming prohibitively expensive for many New Jersey residents.

Unfortunately, the Legislature is poised to make things even worse for Garden State drivers instead of better, moving forward on a series of bills that will collectively spike insurance costs.

The cost of everything is up, from filling your tank to accessing routine maintenance and vital repairs to merely purchasing a vehicle – new or used, assuming you can find one on the lot. Coupled with the rising cost of basics like groceries and rent, and everyday New Jerseyans are struggling just to make ends meet.

As they announced a recent budget deal, Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders rightly recognized the need to address the impact of hyper global inflation, choosing to do so with a $ 2 billion property tax break program.

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