Deadpool’s Most Hilarious Costume Design Finally Makes Sense

After decades of ridicule and critiques from fans, the most ridiculous aspect of Deadpool’s costume has finally been proven to actually make sense.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Deadpool: Bad Blood # 1

While Deadpool is a self-aware jokester, he has always maintained the integrity and practicality of the most hilarious aspect of his costume, and now Marvel Comics is actually backing him up on it by finally having that seemingly pointless design make complete sense.

In Deadpool: Bad Blood # 1 by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, and Chad Bowers, Deadpool is on a mission to stop some weapons smugglers who used to do business with his former boss, Mr. Tolliver. Before he began his reconnaissance, he alerted his X-Force ally Domino to the criminal activity as well. The two met atop a building in New York close to where the deal is supposed to go down, but before antiheroes were free to stop the bad guys, Deadpool had to lose a villain who has been consistently hunting him, a hulking creature known as Thumper .


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The issue opens with Deadpool leading Thumper to the location where he has planned to meet Domino for their sting operation, which sounds like it would be problematic, but was actually the only way to lose him. Thumper has proven to be pretty much invulnerable, so the only way Deadpool can get the villain to stop chasing him is by letting Thumper kill him, which he has done many times before. However, Deadpool still does his best to kill Thumper before he has to endure dying and waiting for his healing factor to bring him back to life, so he decided that his best course of action was to blow up the villain and see if that finally does the trick. Lucky for Deadpool, Thumper carries exposed explosives on his belt which made for the perfect targets. Before Deadpool shoots the explosives to see if that’ll finally kill the seemingly unkillable villain, he comments on Thumper choice to leave his bombs exposed on his person di lui, saying, “here’s a pro-tip: if you’re gonna have explosives on your belt – keep that $ #!% in a pouch!“.

Deadpool's ridiculous costume feature finally makes sense.

Fans have critiqued Deadpool’s excessive pouches for decades, a criticism not without its merits as the antihero’s costume is littered with them with no clear explanation as to why. It is assumed, and lightly joked about in previous comics, that all of the pouches contain bullets and other forms of ammunition, though the excessive accessory has still always seemed completely unnecessary. With Deadpool’s comment in this issue, however, it now makes perfect sense why a mercenary like Deadpool would have all of those pouches outside of his skin-tight costume, so that he can conceal any kind of explosives he may be carrying so his enemies can ‘t do what Deadpool does to Thumper and use his own weapons against him.

The pouches are a way for Deadpool to maintain an element of surprise as well as being a fairly responsible safety measure. If Wade carried around explosives that were exposed, he would risk being blown to bits any time he entered a firefight. With the pouches, Deadpool is safe from any unplanned detonations, a clever design choice he imparted on even his most vicious enemy di lui. Deadpool‘s most hilarious costume design finally makes sense, and is way more practical than fans ever gave it credit for.

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