Cometh Joins The gDEX Metaverse Ecosystem

gDEX announced partnering with Comethonboarding it as one of the first games in its metaverse ecosystem.

gDEX onboards Cometh as one of the first games to join its metaverse. Credit: gDEX Metaverse on Twitter.

Cometh x gDEX

gDEX is a play-to-earn platform for games, guilds, and creators to collaborate with each other. Furthermore, after announcing its collaboration with Cometh, the creators are hopeful for investments from the new stakeholders.

Coemth to be one of the first games to join the gDEX metaverse
Coemth to be one of the first games to join the gDEX metaverse

Meanwhile, Cometh is one of the first games to be leveraging the gDEX metaverse ecosystem. In fact, Cometh is aiming at enabling interoperability across all games. Also, to improve the overall gaming experience, Cometh will be using the Metahub and Passport feature of the metaverse.

The Game – Cometh Exploration

Cometh is a strategy game that enables players to earn valuable tokens while leveraging the DeFi ecosystem. In addition, leveraging an Optimistic Rollup layer 2 scaling solution, Cometh has all the core features of Ethereum.

In brief, players can control spaceships in Cometh, which orbit around giant stars. The goal is to position themselves close to the asteroids passing by and mine tokens from them.

Interoperable Metaverse of gDEX?

Thanks to gDEX’s groundbreaking PRISM NFT standards, games can now be truly interoperable. Therefore, the game assets can be interoperable among individual players and different games.

Meanwhile, gDEX plans to onboard the next billion crypto users, which is only possible with multiple games to choose from. Therefore, apart from Cometh, gDEX is securing new partnerships to onboard existing and new games to its metaverse ecosystem.

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