City proclaims April 12 as Education and Sharing Day

Chabad Jewish Center of Barrie says Education and Sharing Day will bring to the forefront the importance of morality in education

The City of Barrie has proclaimed April 12, 2022 to be “Education and Sharing Day” in recognition of the crucial importance of ethical and moral education.

The day will be a time to focus on education after a year in which the pandemic took a tremendous toll on education, with in-person schooling widely curtailed for months.

Against this background, the Education Day proclamation seeks to highlight the emphasis that must be placed on education for each of Barrie’s young people.

Education and Sharing Day will bring to the forefront the importance of morality in education, a cause championed by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. For more than 40 years, presidents, prime ministers, houses of congress, and local governments have recognized the date corresponding to the Rebbe’s birthday on the Jewish calendar as Education and Sharing Day, honoring an individual who brought education to the forefront of public discourse.

The Rebbe emphasized the importance of paying more attention to the building of character and emphasizing moral and ethical values, accentuating the values ​​of personal rights and responsibilities and principled, just behavior.

“Education cannot be limited to the mere acquisition of knowledge — it must also focus on building virtuous character. By teaching the youth moral and ethical values ​​they are given the solid foundation upon which their knowledge can stand, motivating them to use their amassed knowledge for the betterment of society, ”says the Rebbe.

In commemoration of the anniversary, the city has proclaimed April 12, 2022, as “Education and Sharing Day” and called on residents of Barrie to “add in acts of goodness and kindness in tribute to the Rebbe’s vision, guidance and leadership.”

“Education be reinforced by the inculcation of strong moral values, thus ushering in the Messianic era,” the proclamation reads. “Emphasizing the cultivation of universal moral and ethical values ​​that have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, including the values ​​known as the Seven Noahide Laws.”

In keeping with the Rebbe’s lifetime goals and teachings, local, provincial, and federal governments are issuing proclamations recognizing the need to teach moral and ethical values ​​to our youth.

For more about the Rebbe visit: www.thbbe.org.

The City of Barrie’s Education and Sharing day proclamation can be found on the City of Barrie’s website here.


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