City Of Tulsa Holds Meeting About Kirkpatrick Heights Development

The City of Tulsa met with community members to discuss how they imagine developing Kirkpatrick Heights on Saturday.

The doors at Carver Middle School were wide open for community members to be involved in the master plan to revitalize 56 acres near downtown.

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Dr. Lana Turner Addison, one of the co-chairs for the Kirkpatrick Heights development process says she’s glad they finally got the ball rolling.

“This opportunity with this planning process seems more authentic than any than I have been involved, so we have a real opportunity to design the future that we desire,” Turner-Addison said.

Community members were shown maps and diagrams of potential projects and were able to share their suggestions.

Some popular additions included grocery stores, parks, plazas, and other entertainment.

“We are talking about 56 acres of the City of Tulsa, publicly owned land that the city is allowing us to plan for,” Turner-Addison said. “You know this is unprecedented.”

Jonathan Sanders, who moved to Tulsa back in 2019, says he sees the potential of what is to come.

“Being in Tulsa is special because you’re a part of something much bigger than yourself,” Sanders

Sanders says he’s felt welcomed ever since moving here.

He admits he’s fascinated by Greenwood’s past, but now, he wants to be involved in creating its future.

“You can go be a part of a city that already has a culture established …. is already all on its way, or you can come to Tulsa where ….. It’s hungry,” Sanders said. “It’s craving people to come in, wrap arms around it and be a part of progression.”

Organizers said coming up with the master plan will be a 12-month process.


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