Chris Grier: We never made any calls about trading Mike Gesicki

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A recent story suggested that the Dolphins were talking to other teams about trading tight end Mike Gesicki. Coach Mike McDaniel previously called such talk “misleading.” GM Chris Grier provided a more specific explanation in a Tuesday press conference.

“For us, we did not make any calls on Mike,” Grier said. “We had calls from two teams that reached out to us about Mike. We never made any phone calls about him. We were always — Mike was going to be here. I think everyone made a big deal about him being on the field, but Mike’s a competitive kid. He has been challenged to do some things he hadn’t been asked to do before and he stepped up. We were talking about the other day how the last couple of weeks he’s made some great strides in that area. So for us, it was never about moving him or us trying to. Teams called asking because he’s a good player. And so for us, you guys have heard me say it for years, I’ll always listen. It doesn’t mean we’ll do anything. I think it’s negligent if we don’t [answer the phone]because you never know what kind of deal someone’s going to offer you on someone.”

There was a perception that Gesicki, who is operating under a one-year franchise tag, wouldn’t fit cleanly into the McDaniel offense, since it requires the tight end to be more of a blocker. Gesicki is more of a pass catcher, routinely lining up in the slot.

“The coolest thing too is there was noise that he is alluding to, and one of the cooler parts of training camp for me in general,” McDaniel said Tuesday, “I made a point to the team the other day, was that do you Do you know what Mike worried about in all that? About getting better at blocking and catching. Each and every day, he’s doing one or two things better to his standard of the way he wants his football to look. And that’s all you can ask for. That’s a guy that teammates and coaches and everyone respect — the ones that can ignore the noise and just try to get better.”

Some players act like they don’t hear the noise from the media, which most of the time is crap from a bull. They all hear it. The question is whether they let it affect them. According to McDaniel, Gesicki did not.

And he shouldn’t. He’s in another contract year, and he could be headed for the open market in 2023. It’s in his best interests to have a big year. It’s in the team’s best interests for that to happen, too.

It’s also in the interests of a team that possibly wants to trade for Gesicki to disrupt the relationship between Gesicki and the Dolphins by leaking to reporters that the Dolphins may be trying to trade him. It sounds as if, in this case, the leak did not undermine the relationship between player and team.

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