Cheapest places to buy fuel in Derby and Derbyshire after yet another increase

The average price of a liter of petrol went up yet again as the cost of living crisis continued to spiral out of control. A liter of fuel will now set motorists back an eyewatering 185.04p. To put that into perspective, only a year ago, a liter of petrol cost 130.53p on average.

The news comes after it was announced the other week that filling up a 55-liter family car would now set drivers back over £ 100, as the Mirror reported.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s fuel price spokesman, said: “If prices keep going up, they will give the Government further justification in its call to the Competition and Markets Authority for an investigation.”

With that in mind, we’ve put together a more up-to-date list of the cheapest fuel prices as of today. Obviously, it will constantly change, and it’s worth keeping an eye on those forecourts.

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Costco Derby

Unleaded 178.7p

Super Unleaded 186.9p

Diesel 185.7p

Premium Diesel 186.9p

ESSO Nottingham Road (Chaddesden Express)

Unleaded 182.9p

Super Unleaded 194.9p

Diesel 197.9p

Asda Derby

Unleaded 184.7p

Diesel 191.7p

Morrisons Derby

Unleaded 184.7p

Diesel 193.7p

Sainsbury’s Osmaston Park

Unleaded 184.9p

Diesel 194.9p

Jet Bakewell (MFG Park View)

Unleaded 184.9p

Super Unleaded 199.9p

Diesel 191.9p

Premium Diesel 205.9p

Gulf Matlock Fuel Express

Unleaded 185.7p

Super Unleaded 197.7p

Diesel 190.7p

Premium Diesel 188.7p

Sainsbury’s Matlock

Unleaded 185.9p

Super Unleaded 194.9

Diesel 192.9p

ESSO Matlock

Unleaded 185.9p

Super Unleaded 196.0p

Diesel 193.9p

Premium Diesel 207.9p

Asda Sinfin

Unleaded 192.9p

Diesel 192.7p

Let us know in the comments if you have spotted anywhere cheaper.



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