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CCSD teachers plan protest outside Administrative Center

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Police said an Eldorado High School teacher was brutally and violently attacked by a student Thursday. The teacher is said to be now in stable condition, but sadness and outrage is growing stronger within the Clark County School District community.

Several CCSD teachers are now getting ready to protest outside of the district’s Administrative Center during spring break.

“We want some immediate action taken,” said Vicki Kreidel, CCSD teacher and president of the teachers union NEA of Southern Nevada.

In recent days, teachers across Clark County have been coming together on social media to share their devastation for their colleague who police said was attacked in her own classroom.

“Our fear has been, all along, someone is going to be killed. Like these are people’s lives we’re talking about, ”said Kreidel.

District leaders also reacted to the news Friday; District G Trustee Linda Cavazos tweeted, “The trustees cannot comment on any details of an ongoing investigation. We just can’t. But I can say that tears streamed down my face as I sat in the Reno airport waiting for a delayed flight. My heart is with her. A life will never be the same. ”

District B Trustee Katie Williams also tweeted on Friday, writing, “Cameras in classrooms!”

CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara issued a letter to staff Friday, saying in part, “I am devastated,” and, “Violence will not be tolerated at Clark County Schools.”

Just two weeks ago, Jara announced a few new approaches to curb the worsening school violence.

Among them: sending students recommended for expulsion to CCSD’s online schools,, onsolidating campus entry points to one entrance and getting school staff to reach out to families more.

“Find ways to re-engage them involving their parents,” said Jara.

He added, “I used to say to my teachers, I say, ‘You know, if you’re seeing things where the students are acting a little bit different, just make a phone call home.’ It doesn’t always have to be negative. “

But many educators, like Kreidel, are saying they need more from district leaders.

“It’s not enough,” said Kreidel. “We don’t feel heard by the district … From what I’m hearing there are teachers that are literally ready to walk off and quit their job right now because of this incident.”

As of this article’s publishing date, more than 300 people reported that they are either planning to attend, or are interested attending, a peaceful protest Wednesday morning at 8:30 outside of the CCSD administrative center on Sahara. Kreidel created via Facebook invitation for the grassroots gathering.

She is inviting the public to join in on their rally cries to stop school violence.

“It doesn’t matter what union you’re in, it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or a staff member – it doesn’t matter if you’re just a concerned community member,” said Kreidel.

CCSDPD’s Chief Henry Blackeye announced late last month that he expects campus violence to get worse by the end of the school year. With that in mind, Kreidel said many CCSD teachers feel there are some things that can– and should– be done immediately.

“Make sure all the security cameras in every school are turned on and in operation,” said Kreidel. “I’ve heard ideas for things like panic buttons in the classroom.”

She added, “We need to make sure that there is someone staffing [teachers’ intercoms]… so that they can get the help that they need. “

These are just some of the possible solutions that’ll be advocated for at Wednesday’s protest.

Kreidel said she and other teachers were already planning on protesting before the incident at Eldorado due to rising violence, but said the attack on Thursday brought new urgency to make it happen.

FOX5 will continue tracking this developing story in our School Watch coverage.

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