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The first time you will ever hear about NFT probably already happened. Some random references online, a distant cousin bragging about how they made a lot of profit out of selling one, and you still don’t even understand how cryptocurrencies really work.

As overwhelming as the crypto universe can be, many people find comfort in envisioning a way to make a living outside of the endless 5-9 routine, and as NFTs gains global awareness by becoming more mainstream in a world at lockdown, many who have lost their jobs, clueless about what to do next and stuck at home turn to the Metaverse not only as an escape but as a way to making extra money.

Relatable as these circumstances may be, that’s how a couple of business owners from Toronto, Canada felt when they had to close their local panini restaurant due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Roy Levy (32) and Silas Oliveira (26) experienced first-hand how devastating the closure of a business can get, but as the global interest in NFTs skyrocketed during the pandemic they could finally use their creativity alongside their entrepreneurial skills to make a bad situation work by creating their own NFT collection. About what, you may be asking yourself. The simple answer is cucumbers.

Motivated by the ever-changing conditions of our civilization, Cool Cucumber Bash is an NFT collection of full-bodied fashionable characters fighting, surviving and escaping their wrecked World and collapsed society in the hopes to rebuild a new home in the Metaverse. With deep roots on the rubber hose style from the Golden Age of American Animation, these cucumbers will need intelligence and persistence through struggle to make their new home a paradise.

Through a hand-drawn iconic style and as innocent as they may look, these subversive and surrealist characters have the intention to raise awareness on serious socio-political matters such as gender equality, racism, death and climate change.

Now what makes NFT projects great is the ability that creators have to not only offer a brand new trading market but also to propose unique utilities for the people who have invested in their venture. Take Cool Cucumber Bash for example: they offer a concise roadmap where they detail every intention for the future of the project, including the development of an original graphic novel, a play-to-earn game, an animated TV series and that’s to name a few. They also explain how the advancement of such avenues will generate profit for the investor and will increase the value of the project over time.

Cool Cucumber Bash understands that the NFT space would not exist if it wasn’t for people of all walks of life getting together and creating a community. People invest time in it and help create awareness about projects that are dear to their hearts by sharing ideas, talking on Twitter and ultimately supporting each other by buying the art. With most of us isolated over the past two years, the creation of such communities have allowed people to meet each other and form actual friendships through the looking glass, and that’s exactly what Roy and Silas intend to achieve: a safe community of like-minded people where even during these daring times you will not feel alone and will remain as cool as a cucumber. This collection will give you a child-like nostalgic feeling all the while propelling you into the Metaverse, and as you dive deeper into the power community you will soon begin to wonder what new artists and Worlds will come out of it.

Website: coolcucumberbash.io
Twitter: @CCBNFT
Instagram: @coolcucumberbash

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