Best backpack rain covers: 7 waterproof bag covers for the outdoors

Getting stuck in the pouring rain with a bag full of precious contents is frustrating. But there’s a simple solution: backpack rain covers. They’re designed with strong waterproof materials, and they can do a good job of keeping your bag dry without you having to spend much money at all.

Many hiking backpacks come with a raincover included, so make sure your kit needs an added layer of protection before browsing the waterproof covers.

We’ve found our favorite waterproof bag covers, so read on for our top picks.

Do I need a backpack rain cover?

It depends on how often you’re out in the rain. For avid walkers, hikers and adventurers, a backpack rain cover is an essential. They take up barely any space and weight in your bag, so it makes sense to have one on you just in case.

They’re also particularly useful for cyclists, or for anybody who often has to commute by walking or cycling. If your bag and its contents can be easily damaged by water, it’s best to be on the safe side.

How does a backpack rain cover work?

Backpack rain covers work by fastening around your rucksack. They can have different attachment styles, from elastic drawstrings to hook and loop closures, but they basically provide a waterproof coating around your bag. They have an opening around the harness so you can wear your bag as normal.

Best backpack rain covers to buy in the UK

Unigear Rain Cover

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