Austin Forum on Technology & Society presents The Metaverse Is Here, Now — But The Future is Even Bigger

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The Metaverse Is Here, Now — But The Future is Even Bigger “/>

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The concept of the metaverse – and the associated technologies – are seeing a huge uptick in awareness, investment, and presence in the “top tech trends” list, and with good reason. The metaverse offers capabilities that transcend physical limitations and laws, and thus offers the potential for transforming how we communicate, play, work, learn, and more. It has taken 30 years for technologies to catch up to the metaverse envisioned by Neal Stephenson in “Snow Crash,” but we’re seeing the first rich, compelling multiverse environments be deployed and used now – and the future capabilities and uses will be tremendous as technology capabilities continue to advance exponentially and as metaverse designers and developers gain experience and feedback.

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society will kick off “Metaverse May” in the Austin Forum as Hrish Lotlikar, CEO and Founder of SuperWorld, shares what the metaverse is, explains the key technologies, and reveals why the metaverse is so compelling and full of potential. Hrish will also share where he thinks the metaverse is headed and how it will impact our lives and interactions. Finally, Hrish will share why a company or organization should embrace the metaverse, and how people can learn more and start your journey into the metaverse.

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