Ashdale Primary School family to sue Education Department over bullying that caused ‘neurological disorder’

A Perth mother is planning to sue the Education Department for negligence, claiming her son was so badly bullied at school that he developed a neurological disorder.

Nine-year-old Ashdale Primary School student Connor was recently diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder, which has caused him to experience frightening seizures and lose mobility in his legs.

Doctors have blamed the condition on trauma he has suffered at school, according to his mother Tania, who did not want her family’s surname published.

Brain scans have ruled out either a stroke or tumor.

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“He is being terrorized daily to the point where he is saying: ‘I want to die’, and he cried all the way home, like I didn’t even know what to do. That is supposed to be a safe place that you go – to school, ”Tania told Seven News on Monday night.

“He was told he was useless, he was told he was dumb, but it got physical as well – he was physically hit on numerous occasions, his whole sense of self-worth was disintegrated.”

Camera IconConnor was bullied so much at his northern suburbs school that his mother says doctors diagnosed him with a neurological condition. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS

Tania says her son was at Ashdale Primary School in March last year when the bullying started.

“They would be rude push me touch me they whacked me and pulled my pants down and threatened other people to hurt me,” Connor said.

Tania said her pleas for Connor to move classrooms at the school fell on deaf ears.

Now she and her husband are taking legal action against the WA Department of Education, claiming it was negligent and failed in its duty of care to protect their little boy.

Connor was terrorized daily, according to his mother Tania.
Camera IconConnor was terrorized daily, according to his mother Tania. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS

The Department said Ashdale Primary School had sought to resolve issues of bullying inside of Connor’s classroom.

“The school worked closely with the parent to address the concerns … implementing a behavioral management plan with another student and doing an end of day check,” the department said in a statement.

“It is disappointing to learn the parent did not feel that their complaint was adequately addressed.”


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