Artyfact: GameFi Project Releases First Cyberpunk Metaverse on Unreal Engine 5

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Before Zuckerberg popularized the concept, the metaverse slowly gained momentum to overthrow typical modern technologies. But the buzz is getting bigger, and a new generation of metaverse crypto is just around the corner. But this time, you won’t have to wait that long because Artyfact is one of the new metaverse champions to look forward to.

Not only will they have higher quality graphics that rival AAA games. They will also pave the way for newer opportunities for gamers, NFT collectors and artists, influencers, brands, event makers, and everyone interested in joining the hype.

What Is the Metaverse?

If you’re not familiar with it yet, the metaverse comprises both virtual and augmented reality, which means that virtual worlds exist in cyberspace where you can interact as you do in the physical world.

Unlike virtual and augmented reality, you don’t need third-party accessories (VR goggles, headsets, etc.) to access the metaverse. You can simply do so via PC, mobile phones, and other devices. However, if you genuinely want to make the experience more immersive, devices like VR goggles serve as the best medium.

What Is Metaverse Used For?

Metaverse dedicates a space for social networking, gaming, and enterprising. You can meet other people in the virtual world. If you’re a gamer, you can earn while gaming. If you are a business owner, why not sell digital assets and buy estate or lands?

If you’re more on the artistic side, you can produce your own NFT (non-fungible token), and NFT collectors will buy them from you through metaverse crypto. Suppose you’re a celebrity; you can join Paris Hilton and others who have also hosted virtual events. The metaverse is like the real world, except everything is intangible.

Artifact Metaverse

Besides the usual goals of the metaverse, as mentioned, other platforms are going above and beyond their services. For instance, the Artyfact metaverse has distinctive features and advantages that you may not usually see in the conventional metaverse crypto world.


  • Unreal Engine 5: Professional developers who worked behind the scene for Artyfact made sure to power up its metaverse through advanced technologies, particularly Unreal Engine 5. As such, best believe that Artyfact’s performance will reach unexpected heights, allowing you to experience new levels of immersion within the metaverse.

  • Play-to-earn Games: Once you become an Artyfact citizen, you can play various P2E games supported in the game areas. Artyfact offers a wide variety of multiplayer game modes suited for every kind of player. In P2E games players can earn $ARTY or NFTs, and receive rating points, which open up new game features.

  • NFT Economy: Every game asset in the Artifact is NFT. It can be weapons, vehicles, clothes or property. You can also win NFTs in P2E games, trade them in the NFT marketplace, and even modify your NFTs, making them more valuable.

  • NFT Avatars: As an Artifact citizen, you are entitled to use an avatar. You can change them if you like, create a new one, and export existing ones. If none of these cases suit your taste, you can get a hold of a new avatar available from the integrated store.

  • Features for Influencers and Brands: The metaverse is known for many opportunities, and Artifact is no exception. They offer a project ecosystem to open doors for influencers and brands to create a solid relationship with their audience in never-before-seen ways. Such possibilities include co-operative gaming, event sponsorship, virtual merch creation, etc.

How It Works

Upon joining Artyfact, expect that there will be two types of areas: the urban and gaming. Urban area spaces let you attend virtual events, NFT exhibitions or 3D marketplaces and purchase NFTs, virtual estate, clothes, or other digital assets. You can also participate in either paid or free events.

Meanwhile, the game areas act as arenas where you can play P2E games. In every P2E game, a player can earn $ARTY by eliminating other players. Also, the winners of the games receive rating points, which open up new features such as game items, tournaments and much more.

Finally, the company will launch its Private Sale soon on its launchpad. Early Artyfact investors will have the opportunity to buy $ARTY at the best price.

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