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Annandale High School Homecoming Queen Happy to Fit In

(KNSI) – Annandale High School’s Homecoming Queen has always stood out, but her mother says what means the most this week during the pageantry of the football game and the dance is the fact other students think she fits right in.

“It’s been a good week, a very busy week, and we really would love to thank her peers for selecting her and accepting her as one of them,” says Robin Welter.

Abby is an athlete herself but in the Special Olympics. She was born with Down Syndrome and spent time in the NICU with other medical issues, says Robin.

“She has a scar on the top of her head, that’s what everyone asks about. Her skull was fused together at birth and at seven weeks she had surgery, and if she had hair you’d never know it. That’s why it’s a zigzag.”

Abby also has Alopecia, which has led to baldness.

Robin says Abby is loved by her fellow students because she has always stressed the importance of keeping her involved by pushing her to do as many activities as possible. Robin says expecting mothers who get the news that their child has Down Syndrome should know there are still great things to look forward to.

“Things have changed a lot in 19 years. Their life expectancy is better with our medical treatments and we’re actually teaching them in school, where before it was kind of like babysitting.”

Robin says keeping up with her classmates has gotten harder for Abby once she got to high school. Reading and speech are the biggest sticking points, but she has two jobs. Abby weaves at Annandale Art and Textile and has recently been hired at Coborn’s in the bakery.

Robin says Abby is excited to have her own name tag. Her first job was packaging buns.


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