‘An amazing person all around’: Friends, family mourn death of young mom shot in Calgary

Friends and family are mourning the death of young mom and former cheerleader Jamie Scheible, 23, who police say died after being shot last Thursday night.

Those who knew her, describe her as a fun, caring and loyal person with a goofy personality.

“She was loved by her family, she was loved by everybody around her. She could always put a smile on your face,” says friend Zoe Willard, 23.

The two women connected over being being young mothers. Scheible has a two-year-old daughter and Willard has a one-year-old daughter.

“She was an amazing mom. [Her daughter] came first every single day in her life, and everything that she did it revolved around [her]”says Willard.

Jamie took me under her wing and showed me exactly what needed to be done. I was a young mom and so was she, so we bonded over that and became really, really close friends. “

Willard, left, said she and Scheible, right, bonded over being young moms. (Submitted by Zoe Willard)

Police say Scheible is the city’s 10th homicide victim this year.

Officers said they were called to the 300 block of Templeview Drive NE at about 7:15 pm on April 7 for reports of gunshots.

They found an unconscious woman in medical distress. She was taken to Foothills hospital, but later died from her injuries.

Police said they have not yet determined a motive for the shooting, but they believe the incident was targeted.

‘Heavy loss’

Scheible’s death is a “heavy loss” for Willard and the rest of their friends who were in a group messaging chat together. They used to talk every day and send each other Snapchats, says Willard.

She describes her friend as being the “life of the party” that got along easily with everyone she met.

Scheible had most recently been living with her boyfriend in Calgary and her daughter was staying with her parents in Okotoks, says Willard.

The two friends used to meet up with their daughters who would play together.

“We always called them besties,” she said, adding that Scheible passed down her daughter’s clothes to her.

Caring and funny

Willard and Scheible’s other friend, Kayla Campbell, both describe her as being caring.

“Whenever any one of her friends needed help, she would drop everything just to go help them. It didn’t matter how big of a rut she was in, if you needed her she was there,” wrote Campbell in a message to CBC .

Campbell has known Scheible since middle school, but they became particularly close over the last year.

“She was the tiniest person I knew. Maybe came up to just shoulder height on me, but my goodness, her personality didn’t match her height,” Campbell wrote.

“Out of all my friends, she had the goofiest and most biggest personality. Her energy was unmatched.”

Kayla Campbell, right, says Scheible, left, had a goofy and big personality. (Submitted by Kayla Campbell)

Rosalee Mosson went to Foothills Composite High School in Okotoks with Scheible. When Mosson was in Grade 10, Scheible was in Grade 12, and they were on the competitive cheer team together.

“She was the reason I stayed in cheer. She was so outgoing and welcoming,” Mosson wrote in a message to CBC.

“It really is true how everyone says her smile lit up a room.”

In a statement shared by police, Scheible’s family described her as “beautiful, free-spirited, quirky and funny, and always brought a smile to our faces.”

They said she was a loving person who was always helping others.

“She is beloved by many friends, and was the best mother, big sister, daughter and granddaughter. We adore her and are overwhelmed with grief.”

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