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Alston school pleased to have received ‘good’ Ofsted rating

A school has shared their news that followed a recent Ofsted inspection.

The Alston Moor Federation a federation of small schools in the remote town of Alston, has spoken about how pleased they are that one of their schools has been graded ‘good’.

A spokesperson from the Alston Moor Federation said: “The report emphasizes the many strengths of the school and comments that this school is ‘small and welcoming…like a family’.

“Quite rightly, the inspector praises the pupils at Samuel King’s School and recognizes their contribution to the local community, as well as commenting very positively on their behavior and ability to ‘conduct themselves well’.

“Alston Moor Federation are [sic] delighted with this report, which reflects the school’s many strengths.”

In the report, regarding improvements needing to be made, it reads: “In some subjects, teachers do not provide pupils with enough opportunities to revisit and practice their learning.

“This means that their learning is not embedded.

“Leaders should ensure that teachers provide appropriate activities to enable pupils to strengthen their learning.”

To read the full report, visit shorturl.at/bhpRU.

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