Almost 40 people reported for traffic offenses during operation in Thanet – The Isle Of Thanet News

Traffic checks took place in Pysons Road, Broadstairs, and Canterbury Road, Westgate

Thirty-eight people were reported for traffic offenses during an operation by Kent Special Constabulary in Thanet.

On Saturday (July 30) Specials, Kent Police Cadets and local PCSOs stopped and checked over 70 vehicles in Pysons Road, Broadstairs, and Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea as part of their ongoing work to keep the district safe.

Out of the 38 traffic offense reports (TORs) given out, 14 people were reported for not wearing a seatbelt, seven motorists were reported for having worn tires and six people are facing further action for not displaying a proper number plate.

Three drivers received a TOR for not having the correct insurance and their vehicles were seized as a result.

A further nine people were given warnings regarding defective lights on their vehicles and two were spoken to about the tinting on their windscreens.

Special Inspector James Johnston said: “We regularly organize traffic operations to ensure people are playing their part in keeping the roads safe.

“We hope that those reported for offenses will reconsider their driving habits and check their vehicles more regularly for defects.”

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