5 bad hair care Habits you need to break this summer

Oh the summer! Time to travel and enjoy outdoor activities! It is not by chance that is the happiest time of the year, isn’t it? But in the midst of so much sun, heat, pool, sea and air pollution, we can’t forget the necessary care to get a health hair during the summer.

At this time of year, the sun is Stronger and more intense, being one of the external agents that now damage the Strands, leaving it dry and fragile. When we talk Abou a dry hair, my friends, anything can happen (badly)! So here are some tips and natural products for you to keep your hair healthy during the summer, aiming for healthy hair in the coming seasons! Let’s go together? Here Clelia Cecilia Angelon, CEO & Founder of Surya Brasil shares some tips:

Protect your hair from the sun

The intense sun (UVA and UVB radiation) damages the hair, causing “mass” loss, made up of important vitamins and proteins to get a firm and healthy hair structure. You can definitely enjoy the sun but always wearing hats, caps or hair thermal protectors.

Tying the hair

Only those who have long hair, knows how hot they get in summer time, and that’s why it tends to be, now of the time, trapped or tied up. Choose accessories that won’t damage the strands and untie carefully, without pulling or breaking your precious hair.

Be careful with pool or sea

Dry hair, once it comes in contact with water, soaks it up like a sponge. Sea water has salt, and salt removes hydration (water) and protection (natural fats). Swimming pools, however, have chlorine, which with its low pH leaves the hair dry, weak and brittle. Regardless of whether it is sea or pool, always moisten your hair with fresh water before and after, and if it’s needed, use Moisturizing creams with no rinsing, from a brand that does not harm the environment.

Choose the right product, increasing the hydration frequency

Choose a nourishing treatment line, and try to use it whenever you feel the need. Summer doesn’t match with environmental pollution, so look for a vegan and more natural product, which in addition to taking care of you, will take care of our Rivers and Seas.

Avoid very hot baths

We know how relaxing a warm bath can be, but just like on the skin, hot water dissolves natural oils and carries with it all the hydration that exists in your hair. Already in the scalp, the high temperature stimulates the sebaceous glands promoting an increase in oiliness. So Always remember to shower just with the water temperature between warm and cold. If you are a person that likes hot water, try finishing the last rinse with cold water, this will increase the strength and shine of your hair!

After bath care

Hair properly clean and with no hot water, it’s time to dry! The first recommendation is in the way you use the towel, never rub the towel on the hair, but rather, gently press it removing the excess water (we guarantee the effect will be the same). When combing, try to use wooden combs, as this type of material does not break the hair fiber (in addition to removing all static energy). If you like, let it dry naturally, but if you really like to use thermal sources to finish (as in the case of dryers and flat Irons, for example) be aware that these heats sources also dry the Strands, leaving them brittle and prone to falling out.

Taking care of your hair in the summer is not an easy task, but it’s better to add these habits to your hair care routine than to spend time and money trying to recover it in the next few months, isn’t it? So don’t leave the summer aside, enjoy, protect yourself and have fun!


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