5 Astrology Placements That Highlight Karmic Lessons

Pluto is a very powerful planet in your birth chart and one that everyone must reckon with. On a deep psychological level, Pluto is the epicenter of change, transformation, and rebirth in the birth chart. Pluto urges you to embrace the chaos and normalize the side of yourself that you might try to hide from others. And as Liz Greene explains in her book “The Astrology of Fate,” each person born in a generation will have their Pluto in the same sign, so the house that Pluto falls in along with the aspects to Pluto will show where the power struggle of this planet will play out in your birth chart.

However, Pluto energy can be very tricky to predict, and it’s important not to become power-hungry in your pursuit of karmic healing. On a bad day, Pluto brings out power struggles with other people and encourages self-destructive behavior in the name of indulgence. “One dynamic which can be the cause of an obsession is a tendency to get into power struggles in matters related to Pluto’s house or aspects. Such a fanatical insistence on winning can paradoxically lead to bitter failures,” astrologer Donna Cunningham explains in her book, “Healing Pluto Problems.” By striking the right balance between power and control, you can move forward with a better understanding of your passions and personality.

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