3 Lessons Learned from Akram Hosny’s Ramadan Comedy ‘Maktoub Alaya’

Now that we’re 9 days into Ramadan, and kind of built an impression on the season’s series, let’s take a moment to talk about ‘Maktoub Alaya’, a comedy starring Akram Hosny, Hanady Mehanna, Amr Abdel Gelil, Hanan Suleiman, Ayten Amer, Mahmoud El Sisi, and others.

The comedy narrates the story of Galal (Akram Hosny) who wakes up every morning with things written on his forearm that are visible to no one but him. The words read together are gibberish but they give hints on what destiny has for Galal on that day. Confused and with so little that he knows, Galal runs throughout his day trying to solve the riddles and find out what fate is bringing him.

Though light and entertaining, there’s a thing or two we’ve learned from this series:

1. It is always for the best. In the middle of misfortunate events, we tend to ask ourselves, with a lot of anger, why this is happening to us, while in fact, these things are happening for our own good and for the best. Take for instance the scene when Galal’s car broke down saving him from a big accident ahead on the road.

2. Trust in God’s plan and timing. No matter how challenging and difficult it gets, no matter how many closed doors you stand still in front of them, and no matter how many backup plans keep going wrong, have faith in God’s plan and timings. The course of action will change ever so unexpectedly into a way better plan than what you had in mind.

3. Never ignore the signs. Take a time in your day to slow down, look around, and try to read the sign. God always sends us messages and signs but we are mostly running around too busy that we ignore these signs. Pause, reflect, have a clear state of mind, and pay attention to the signs God sends you.


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