3 Days With An NFT Consultant Making Mutant Ape Rolling Papers

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Name: Matt L.
Age: Early 30s
Location: NYC
Industry: Tech
Number of NFTs: 313
First bought cryptocurrency: Ethereum in November 2017
Number of Discord servers: 97
First NFT project: Top Shot
Proportion of total assets in crypto and NFTs: 25%


6 am – Wake up and start my day with a walk around the park to grab some fresh air, since I’ve been working late the last few days. I grab some coffee, check work emails, and look at Discord updates from the NFT communities I am a part of – it’s so hard to keep up!

I’ve been debating buying 3 Essence tokens from FVCKRENDER. He’s a major artist and I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz about his FVCK_AVATAR NFTs but trying to save ETH for the Moonbirds mint. If I burn the Essence tokens, which means they can’t be used again, I’ll get the chance to obtain 3 FVCK_AVATAR NFTs. Check OpenSea – too high of a floor, it’ll probably dip lower after all the FVCK_AVATAR NFTs are revealed.

The Cool Cats NFT project has its weekly update tomorrow, so I need to check in and see if I have time to do the beta test for their video game Cooltopia.

9 am – Two of the NFT guys I follow on Twitter, GratefulApe and Beast, post about an interesting project with Wrangler jeans and Leon Bridges by LTD.INC called Mr. Wrangler NFT collection. It’s a project that celebrates Wrangler’s 75th anniversary by blending digital and fashion together. Hmm … NFT, VIP pass to a show, and a signed jacket by Bridges? I may need to buy into this project. I see in the Budweiser discord that NFT holders got airdropped new NFTs made by artist Jason Naylor – I will need to investigate later. Leave the degen headspace and start my work day.

1:30 pm – I get hungry, so I heat up some leftover chicken and rice from last night. As I heat up my food, I see that crypto platform Moonpay is doing a panel at Bitcoin Conference in Miami, so I decide to check it out and see what’s the latest there. Moonpay reminds me of my Ape Fest 2021 poster, which they sponsored and gave out at BAYC Ape Fest. There were only 2,000 posters. A lot of apes will pay a lot of money for some of these items they forgot to get at the event. I’ve seen some of these posters sell for hundreds of dollars.

This reminds me – I text one of my collaborators to get an update on design work for a collaboration I’m doing with his rolling papers company called Elephant Rolling Papers. I licensed two of my Mutant Ape NFTs – Mutant 8112 “Puff” and Mutant 2782 “Smoke” – to create our own rolling papers. Production and designs are nearly completed, but I need to work on getting the word out.

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