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How we help: Total Tunnel Design

For engineers, tunnel design presents the same challenges that submarine design creates for naval architects. How to deliver the required performance and house all services in limited space – often no more than 6 meters across – while protecting the comfort and safety of those using it? Our approach to reconciling these competing demands is ‘Total Tunnel Design’.

Total Tunnel Design seamlessly integrates every discipline involved in successful tunnel projects. It is inspired by our founder, Ove Arup, who pioneered what he called ‘total architecture’. Beyond the core tunnel disciplines of civil architecture, geotechnics, machinery and soil mechanics, our global team includes experts in ventilation, lighting, MEP, acoustics, fire, drainage, safety and public health.

By integrating these skills, our tunnel designs are lower-risk and more efficient, effective and affordable. The designs our Total Tunnel Design approach makes possible are also sustainable, reducing excavation and materials by effective space proofing and lining system optimization and introducing innovations such as extracting heat from tunnel linings.


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