MP pushes for academic education of Afghan women in Iran

TEHRAN- An Iranian legislator on Sunday advocated giving Afghan females the chance to attend several academic institutions in Iran, noting that the education should not rely on a person’s gender in accordance with Islamic beliefs.

Mehrdad Veis-Karami said the Islamic teachings highlight that there is no distinction between men and women when it comes to education, and individuals should follow the Almighty God’s instructions in that regard.

Veis-Karami pointed out that attempts by the Taliban or other authorities to prevent women from pursuing higher education are in violation of religious laws as well as the tradition of the infallible household of the great Prophet of Islam, therefore, it would be preferable to persuade Taliban leaders to reverse their decision to forbid higher education for women, and Iran can help in this regard.

The MP said interaction and collaboration in higher education, such as providing sponsorships, is one of the ways to increase cross-cultural exchange.

“Afghan women should receive all the support they can get from the Islamic Republic of Iran due to their shared Islamic and cultural heritage,” he remarked.

He highlighted that international students who attend Iranian colleges may get to know Iranian culture and develop into effective advocates for the country’s religious and cultural norms.

The lawyer continued by saying that Iran might seek funding from foreign organizations in order to avoid adding to its already heavy financial load.


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