Mònica Losada is breathing fresh air into graphic design fundamentals

When Mònica Losada was in her first year at the Bau Design College of Barcelona, ​​she started to work in the school library. As you can imagine, she read – a lot. It was mostly graphic journals and books on design culture, but she fondly remembers stumbling across the OASE Journal, a publication about architecture and design. It was right at that moment, when her nose was firmly burrowed in this little piece of the design world, that she thought “this is what I want to do”. The following year, she started an internship at the studio of her editorial design teacher, the highly awarded Barcelona designer, David Torrens.

She remained in Barcelona for some time, studying, tinkering and shaping her practice through predominantly editorial and concept-based projects. But during that time, she hit a point where she “felt like I had to take a step back from my own work and learn from other approaches to design”. No longer in the library, and keen to get a sense of the design possibilities. Available to her, she set her sights on the Netherlands-based outfit, Studio Dumbar – a fine choice by any measure.Understandably, it was their signature “playful and experimental attitude” that Mònica first picked up on at a workshop and, before she Knew it, she was on a plane to Rotterdam, as Studio Dumbar’s new intern.

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