Famed NYC Promoter and Co-founder of Divine Hospitality, Anthony Puccio, says promoting is the best side hustle for young people.

Anthony Puccio shares the glory of promoting events, ending it a flexible and lucrative side hustle.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to supplement their income. Young people have been taking up side hustles to make some extra cash and explore their passions, from freelancing lawn mowing and more. With endless opportunities to pursue, Anthony Puccio found his place in events promotions.

Anthony Puccio is a famous New York City promoter who has made a career of what started as a side hustle. Puccio began promoting at 18 and has steadily grown into a seasoned promoter whose events rake between $1000-$10000 per night. Puccio has climbed the promoting ladder, working on various events and venues in NYC. Puccio shares that promoting business is quite flexible and lucrative. The amount made each night is determined by various factors like the day of the week, event, or holiday; For instance, weekends will attract more attendees than weekdays.

The popularity and attendance of events are also determined by the celebrities attending. Puccio has hosted events attended by notable TikTokers like Joey Nero and Griffin Johnson, rappers JI, the prince of NY, Bronx drill rappers C blue, and Set da Trend.

Seeing this as a growing venture, Puccio partnered with Brian to establish Divine Hospitality, a company that is a little over a year old and has made great strides in the industry. Since its launch, Divine Hospitality has attracted over 10,000 people across events since. He shares that side hustles can remain as just that but also grow into lifelong careers. His de él has evolved into a career where many industry players recognize his work and capabilities de él and help promote his company.

Besides the flexibility of promoting, Puccio also highlights that promoting is a great side hustle due to the network that people get to build. Young people need to build meaningful networks, and his promoting business has helped him work with celebrities, rappers, and other industry professionals. These connections, for instance, rapper Sowayv, have been instrumental in promoting Divine Hospitality.

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