Cold temperatures helping ski resorts get back in business

MAHWAH, N.J. – We haven’t had much snow so far this winter season, but the frigid temperatures are helping ski resorts in our area get back into business.

It may be cold outside, but skiers at New Jersey’s Campgaw Mountain are sliding down the hills with joy. The day after Christmas is opening day for the Mahwah ski area.

Liam Hurtuk, 8, couldn’t wait to go snowboarding.

“It’s, like, fast, and when you, like, go down, sometimes the snow stops you,” Liam said.

He hit the slops with his brother and dad.

“We live right around the corner, so it’s really convenient for us. We’re very excited to be here,” his father said.

“It’s really fun going down the hill, because I really like snowboarding,” said Ryan Hurtuk.

All of the snow at Campgaw is handmade. The below-freezing temps are exactly what they need to make the snow. Water is pumped out of a nearby pond. Then it’s fed into more than 30 machines that crystallize the water into snow.

“This past Friday afternoon, this whole area was practically all green grass. We made this snow over the weekend to get ready to open for today,” said Ron Fuhr of Campgaw.

“The snow is padded down nicely and you’re able to go down smoothly,” said ski instructor Rebecca Maclaren.

Campgaw has some of the best slopes for beginners.

“It’s easy. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall because of how steep it is,” said Bergenfield resident Rhyana Salas.

“It’s pretty exhilarating having the wind in your face, going down the hill. It’s pretty fun,” said Guiltos’ JD.

Workers are still widening the tubing slopes. They’ll be open Saturday morning at 9 am Make sure to buy your tickets online because they sell out really quickly.

On Tuesday, both adults and kids will also be able to take ski lessons, starting in the morning. Tickets for lessons also sell fast.

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